Kitchen Worktops

The pros and cons of different kitchen worktops

Integra Fusion Blue

A kitchen worktop is arguably the most important aesthetic choice you will make when designing your kitchen. It’s what you first notice when you enter the room, and it’s what you’ll be cooking and cleaning on day after day. To make your decision that little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of the key features of our five favourite worktop materials.

Combining practicality with stylish design, laminate worktops offer one of the most affordable options for your kitchen. Since they come in a variety of different finishes, from imitation wood grain to marble effect or even copper-tone, laminate worktops can suit any kitchen style as well as any budget.

As worktops can often get messy, laminate options also provide a water and stain resistant surface that’s incredibly easy to wipe down and keep clean.

If you prefer a more classic look for your kitchen, wooden worktops offer a sense of natural charm and warm elegance. The most common varieties include sturdy oak, golden beech and rich, glossy walnut, all of which can last a long time once properly sealed and maintained.

However, unlike laminate, wooden surfaces can stain if spillages aren’t cleaned up immediately, so they may take a little extra care to keep them looking good as new. And if you have a small kitchen space, it may be best to opt for a lighter worktop choice than dark woods, to help your kitchen feel brighter.

If you’re looking to create a truly unique kitchen to match your style, try worktops in Quartz or Corian. These modern materials come in a range of colours to suit all kitchens, from deep blacks and rich reds to fresh white tones and soothing flecked grey finishes. Another great thing is that they’re extremely durable and low maintenance, though due to the enhanced durability and extensive range of options, they do come within the higher end of the price range.

If you’re looking to bring a more traditional sense of style and luxury to your kitchen, granite surfaces are the ultimate worktops for you. Not only do they have a luxurious appearance, but they’re also heat, water, scratch and stain resistant, and easy to maintain due to the glossy finish. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to get them sealed first to protect from damage, as granite is a porous material.

Of course, all styles of worktop have their benefits, so it’s important to take into account your own habits, budget and needs and make a thoroughly informed decision.