Five reasons to visit our state-of-the-art Sutton showroom

The future of kitchen showrooms has arrived in our brand new Sutton store – here’s why you’ll want to pay a visit

Magnet Sutton Store

For months now we’ve been working to develop a brand new, future-thinking Magnet showroom and this summer our innovative new Sutton store has finally opened its doors.

Harnessing the latest digital technology, this new concept store makes it easier than ever before to immerse yourself in the design process and create the kitchen of your dreams.

Here are five reasons why you’ll want to pay our state-of-the-art Sutton store a visit:

Hands-on 3D kitchen modeller – UK FIRST

Now you can stand back and admire your brand new kitchen before you’ve even ordered it, virtually at least, with the UK’s first ever kitchen modeller. This unique tool allows you to arrange 3D printed miniature kitchen cabinet blocks onto a light box to plan the layout of your new kitchen, which will appear in 3D on screen. Better yet, you can then put on an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to enjoy a fully-immersive 360 degree view of your kitchen design.

Digital kitchen display

Our innovative digital kitchen display uses HD screens in place of cabinet doors and projected worktops so you can browse the full range of worktop and cabinet finishes available at life-size and view your perfect combination in crystal clear HD.

Touch screen displays

Explore the full range of ovens, hobs, sinks and taps available at Magnet through the interactive near life size touch-screen displays built into the appliance displays within the Sutton showroom. Touch screens are also provided within the inspirational kitchen displays You can view all the different kitchen configurations available and so your imagination is not limted to those in the showroom.

Kitchenality quiz

You need a kitchen that suits both your lifestyle and your tastes, and our new interactive Kitchenality quiz makes it even easier to get started and find the kitchen that’s right for you. Answer a few simple questions to automatically generate your very own personally tailored kitchen inspiration mood board.

Tech lab

Time to get technical? Visit the tech lab to learn more about the quality craftsmanship that goes into every Magnet kitchen, explore our kitchen innovations and space saving gadgets and find out how to make the most of your kitchen space.

Mix and Match sample area

Before you make your final decision make sure you get to grips with the mix and match sample area where you can match door frontals, work top samples and handles to make sure you get the combination that is absolutely right for you.