Mega mums celebrate their special family kitchen moments

Family kitchen moments - Katie

You can usually find most families in the kitchen, whether it is around the kitchen table, baking and making, or just chatting and playing. Our new Christmas television advert celebrates these special family memories that are made in the kitchen, from life-changing events to tiny day-to-day moments.

Since it’s safe to say the kitchen is the heart of almost every home, we wanted to hear some more kitchen tales first-hand, so we spoke to three mega mums about family life and their fondest kitchen memories.

Katie Ellison, Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

The kitchen is the first place Katie’s girls head to after school on the hunt for a snack. Katie thinks they look like old ladies having a natter on a park bench as they talk about their day and what they will play with in the afternoon.

It’s also a chance to share homework and artwork and catch up with mum about what they did at school that day. Katie remembers doing exactly the same with her mum when she was younger.

Katie and her husband also catch up and talk, usually on a Saturday night once the kids are in bed with a glass of wine as they cook and share their favourite dish; fajitas. This is when she can unwind and reflect on the week’s events.

At the weekend Katie and the kids love to make cakes, and as a treat they get to lick the spoon and stick their fingers in the bowl.

Katie dreams of a white minimal kitchen with lower open shelving, an American style fridge with an ice dispenser, and even a Range Master.

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Alison Perry, Not Another Mummy

Author of Not Another Mummy blogger, Alison remembers making chocolate krispie cakes with her mum using different cereals, a big block of chocolate and raisins. Stirring and spooning the mixture while Radio 2 played.

Alison was always in the kitchen at house parties at university too, despite having softer seats and furniture in the lounge. The kitchen has a pull and is where everyone congregates, sitting on worktops and singing along to their favourite songs.

The kitchen table is usually covered in board games, with music on the background and the kettle on the boil.

Alison would love to convert the back of her kitchen into a living area, with a sofa, rug, table and curtains to add a cosy feel to the family home hub. Her kitchen essentials are; a large table or breakfast bar to sit, talk and play around, big windows for lots of natural light, music and speakers, and an easy to clean cool tiled floor.

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Holly, Recipes From A Normal Mum

The kitchen is a multi-purpose space which is home to a fridge, two ovens, a bowl of sea monkeys and a craft trolley for Holly. More happens in this room than any other, meaning it is home to many memories.

Little baby Laurie took his first steps just after his first birthday in Holly’s kitchen, a moment no parent can forget. It is also the place where weekend breakfast is mixed, whisked and flipped as pancakes are the order of every Sunday.

The three boys are also big fans of arts and crafts, cutting and sticking, with the kitchen table becoming a pop up art studio for hours at a time at the weekend.

Christmas dinner is planned and written up on cards for dinners at the kitchen table. The two eldest boys write the menu while all three decorate the menu cards. The kitchen table is also where homework is tackled, with the boys practicing their spelling to perfection each week.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed sharing kitchen memories with our mega mums. If you have any family kitchen moments of your own to share, whether they’re silly, heart-warming or just plain cute, then you could be in with a chance of winning a brand-new Magnet kitchen worth up to £15,000! Just click here to enter.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Magnet – we hope you make lots of brand new family memories of your own over the festive period.