The next generation of Kitchen Cabinets has arrived

Uniquely Magnet iD3 kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are not all made equal, and our innovative new iD3 premium cabinet range is here to take your kitchen to the next level of luxury.

Magnet’s Uniquely collection has always represented the most coveted kitchens available, combining superior build quality, chic designs and elegant materials to create a premium feel that will stand the test of time.

Now, we’ve taken the collection to an even higher standard by introducing our next generation iD3 cabinets to the Uniquely Magnet range. This pioneering design introduces forward-thinking technological features to add not only an extra hint of convenience and style to every inch of your kitchen, but a hint of sophistication too.

Our new premium cabinets are made to stand up to the pressures of modern day living just as much as the cabinet frontals, so we’ve upgraded the back panel in our iD3 cabinets to a reinforced superior strength back panel, adding rigidity and exceptional durability to make sure your iD3 cabinets remain sturdy for decades to come.

It’s not just their enhanced strength that makes the iD3 system stand out from the crowd though. Each iD3 cabinet also comes with illuminated interiors as standard, meaning you’ll never struggle to locate ingredients hidden at the back of dark cupboards again. What’s more, this helpful lighting feature is powered by rechargeable LEDs.

This clever design feature is combined with soft close 2.0 technology, featuring integrated hinges, ensuring our cabinet doors always close smoothly and never slam, even if you do happen to use a little more force than intended within the bustle of the kitchen.

These functional benefits are matched by a sleek premium grey finish, bringing a cool, contemporary feel to your kitchen. The subtle grey tone also means our iD3 cabinets complement a huge range of different accent colours and finishing touches, so you can choose the perfect décor scheme to suit your personal taste.

We’ve put a lifetime of cabinet making experience in to creating kitchens that look amazing and will last a lifetime, which is why our iD3 cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee. And, our Uniquely Magnet kitchens benefit from SmartCare Plus, the ultimate in after sale support, with regular checks before, during and up to two years after fitting your kitchen to ensure you’re fully satisfied at every stage of the process.