Design your dream Magnet kitchen

Magnet’s improved Quick Design and Price tool makes it as easy as 1,2,3 to create your dream kitchen in an instant

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Everyone has an idea of their perfect kitchen, but it can be hard to visualise it in your own home. Our new and improved Quick Design and Price planner gives you the chance to see your dream kitchen come to life.

Quick Design and Price is our online tool which allows you to put together your ideal kitchen featuring everything from 3D designs to pricing and floor plans. You can choose the right layout to match your space at home and select the number of cabinets to make the design as realistic as possible, fitting your exact kitchen measurements. While designing your kitchen, any changes automatically update the pricing, showing you your estimated running total throughout the process.

There are a wide selection of worktops, cabinets and handles available for you to test out to create your perfect kitchen setting. In case you think this may be more difficult than it sounds, there are step-by-step guides to using the tool and an informative self-help video to guide you.

For anyone using the tool who may have questions regarding their design, assistance is easily available with the ‘Send My Design’ feature or the ‘'Call Me Back' button which prompts your local store to get in touch and assist with any queries you might have. You can also save and name your project if you would like to come back to it and add additional details later on. You can also send the floor plan to your nearest showroom - just enter your measurements, fill out the details and then click ‘Send My Measurements.’

Seeing how your kitchen will look is important and with QDP you can view your design in full 3D mode, take a 360 look around the space, rotate and zoom into the kitchen with the ability to also create panoramic views.

Once you have your perfect kitchen design, your estimated price will be calculated and if you choose to share your design, the local showroom will be in touch to arrange a design appointment. All your efforts will even get you a 10% design discount. The designer now has all the information to advise, support and guide you on your kitchen journey.

See your dream kitchen come to life here.