Spring kitchens

5 ways to give your kitchen a new lease of life this spring

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Spring has most definitely sprung.

After months on end of dark, gloomy mornings and frosty nights, we know we’re not the only ones enjoying the uplifting effect of spring’s warmer weather and lighter mornings.

So to celebrate the oh-so-welcome return of our favourite season, we’ve collected our five top tips for bringing the joyful spirit of spring into your kitchen.

Blooming gorgeous

Tulips are brightening up your garden and the trees are studded with beautiful blossom, but why should you only get to enjoy all these gorgeous blooms while outdoors? Displaying fresh flowers in a statement vase will instantly give your kitchen a new lease of life and a beautiful burst of colour.

Pretty in pastel

Speaking of colour, pretty pastels are another great way to incorporate the season of renewal in your kitchen. Introducing soft shades like pale pinks and baby blues is bound to remind you of all the soothing sunsets and gloriously long relaxing evenings that are heading your way as the days grow longer. Add these subtle shades to your décor scheme through statement tableware and textiles, or go all-out by choosing an on-trend kitchen in a delicate shade of pale blue.

Back to nature

Since spring is the season of growth, it’s the perfect time to get back in touch with nature and out into the countryside while the sun is shining. Bring this sense of openness into your home too by choosing light, natural kitchen finishes like cabinets in pale woodgrain or countertops in luxurious white marble.

Clear the clutter

There’s a reason they call it spring-cleaning! Dark winter evenings may hide a little dust here and there, but now the sunlight’s streaming through the window, there’s no excuse not to take the time to de-clutter and ensure your kitchen’s looking its best.

The scent of spring

It’s not just the look of your kitchen that will help you bring spring inside, fresh scents are also a great way to evoke memories of spring and leave you feeling energised and alive. Add fresh potted herbs like basil and thyme onto your windowsill for a refreshing wave of aroma every time a gentle breeze blows by.