Keeping it tidy

Handy storage hacks and hideaways for your kitchen

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Keeping the kitchen tidy at all times can be tricky. We all expect a little mess when we’re cooking and eating, but what about when we’re not doing either?

As an area we use all the time, whether for dining, catching up with the family, or even as a work station, it’s easy for lots of odds and ends to collect in the kitchen, cluttering up the work spaces. Because of this, ensuring the kitchen looks its best can sometimes seem like a never-ending task.

There are some simple tricks that can be implemented throughout the kitchen, allowing you to keep it well equipped and practical for everyday life, but not cluttered. With these tips, your kitchen will become a tidy haven you’ll love to relax in, but can still cook in with ease.

If you’ve got plenty of cupboard space, putting small kitchen appliances away when they’re not in use can help reduce the number of items on the surfaces. Place your coffee machine, toaster and microwave inside and close the doors; that way you’ll only have to see them when they’re needed.

Magnet even provides clever features to help make the most of the cupboard space in the kitchen. The Cabinet Plus descending cabinet can be pulled down or rolled back up again at a moment’s notice. This helps to make the most of the space at the back of the cupboard that you can’t usually reach, and is a great place to store smaller items like spices.

Even with this ingenious storage feature, it’s still best to create a sorting system for your cupboard space, as shelves can quickly become untidy without effective organisation. If you introduce baskets to divide up your cupboards, you can fill these with kitchen essentials without having to remove every single item whenever you’re looking for an ingredient: simply lift the basket out and retrieve the item you need.

Likewise, decanting items such as rice, coffee, sugar, pasta and spices into similar sized jars helps maximise the shelf space, and looks a lot more stylish than shelves filled with lots of different boxes.

Beyond shelving, tables are another area in the kitchen that can quickly gather clutter, not to mention that they often take up a lot of space, making it difficult when rushing around the kitchen. Magnet’s Table Plus overcomes this issue by conveniently folding away into a wall bracket, meaning it only needs to be used when necessary, helping you to create space and reduce clutter.

With these few handy tips, your kitchen could soon become your favourite room for so much more than just cooking, from entertaining friends to relaxing with the family.