Happier kitchens

Six kitchen design tips to banish the blues

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When it comes to choosing a new kitchen, most people concentrate on just two factors: style and practicality. What fewer of us bear in mind is the impact a well-designed kitchen can have on our senses and our moods.

We’re here to change that.

There’s a whole host of scientific research about how different design factors can affect our happiness levels, so we’ve narrowed this down to six simple steps for a happier kitchen.

  1. Unsurprisingly, colour has a huge ability to change our moods. Rich tones like warm oranges and reds have been shown to stimulate the senses, so a bold feature wall could be a great way to give you a morning energy boost while you enjoy your breakfast. Meanwhile, cool greys, greens and blues have a de-stressing effect, so opt for kitchen designs in these soothing tones to create a calming oasis after a busy day at work. You can even use colour to control your hunger levels, as studies have found that red décor prompts people to eat more and blue shades supress appetite. Take advantage of this effect by using cool tones in the kitchen to combat overeating or warm tones to create a more enticing dining area.
  2. Scientists have also discovered that brighter lighting aids alertness and encourages people to choose healthier meal options, leading to improved happiness levels. So why not install a pendant lamp over dining areas or under-cabinet lighting above food preparation areas to help yourself make healthier choices.
  3. Small personal touches can change the atmosphere in a room, so accessories are a great way to make your kitchen more welcoming. Keep family photos on an open shelf to remind you of fond memories whenever you enter the room, and swap plain plates for colourful or patterned crockery to add a hint of vibrancy. You could even add a chalkboard to the fridge so you can leave family members little notes to keep you smiling.
  4. Plants are another great addition to add a little more positive energy to the kitchen, as certain species like Aloe Vera can purify the air by drawing in household chemicals, leaving you feeling upbeat and healthy.
  5. Small potted herbs like rosemary and mint have the added benefit of creating deliciously enlivening scents within your kitchen and have been proven to awaken the senses. Likewise, studies have found that citrus scents like lemon can relieve stress and also help you feel more energetic.
  6. With your kitchen looking and smelling oh-so-inviting, the final element to consider is sound. It’s no surprise that music has the ability to affect our moods, so why not put together the perfect playlist to wake you up over breakfast or help you unwind as you cook your evening meal? If you have Magnet’s innovative Soundbar speaker system built into your kitchen cabinets, all you’ll need to do to instantly put a smile on your face is connect up your phone and press play. Kitchen bliss!