Creating memories in the kitchen

Turn your kitchen back into the heart of the home

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In the world we live in, we often find ourselves too busy to appreciate the little things, especially those in our own home. After a long day at work, it’s easy to fall into the habit of viewing the kitchen as simply a functional space, used only for preparing meals.

But, as the focal point in many homes, the kitchen is the perfect space to bring family and friends together and make lasting memories.

For many, our earliest memories probably come from the kitchen. Whether it was in your own, your friends or your grandparents’ home, the kitchen probably played a huge part. Just the thought of baking, licking the spoon or eating that all-important Sunday roast is likely to bring back fond memories.

As the space where many families tend to congregate, the kitchen is the perfect place to bond and connect with both your partner and children. Cooking a meal together, or helping out with some chopping as your partner cooks is a great way to spend time together during the otherwise hectic work week. Baking with the children not only helps create memories, but delicious treats as well.

Even if the children have gotten a little too old to bake with you, a kitchen table makes a great work station to do homework. Something, such as the Magnet Table Plus, is the perfect fold away addition to any kitchen. You could let the children play at their work station, before folding it up and joining the adults at the dinner table. It could even work as a fold away office for yourself.

But of course, the best way of turning your kitchen into a social hub is by getting together for a family meal. After doing the homework, clear the table and eat together. Too often we spend the evening in front of the TV or a computer screen, so eating together at the table is the perfect way to get offline and talk with your loved ones as you reconnect over food.

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