The Warmth of Wood in the Home

Add value and style to your rooms with wood

Integra Alpine Oak

Wood works well in the home for a number of reasons; it is classic, versatile and brings a feeling of warmth into the home.

This timeless material will never go out of style as it is as equally suited to a contemporary kitchen as it is a traditional living room. Depending on your taste, you can style it to be rustic and inviting or classy and sleek as there are so many shades and textures to choose from.

Not only does wood bring that lovely welcoming feeling of warmth, but it can be used throughout the home to add texture, colour and value to a room.

There’s a number of ways to incorporate wood into your interiors, from furniture to small accessories, to whole kitchen units or worktops. The kitchen is a great place to introduce the material into the home, with a stunning range of wood worktops available from Magnet that will add a touch of charm to your space. The Solid Wood and Bespoke Solid Wood options come in a variety of colour and grain patterns, from the lighter shades of Beech to the deep hues of walnut.

If your taste is a little more contemporary, a wood style kitchen such as Magnet’s Integra Alpine Oak can be topped with a sleek white Corian worktop surface. The handless design adds to the simple feel of the room, giving a fuss-free, flowing feel.

However, wood-effect materials have become increasingly popular and higher in quality, so it is becoming much more affordable to achieve that warm wood feeling in the home. Magnet’s Core Laminates come in Oak and Walnut shades for a low cost alterative to natural work surfaces that will still add that timeless style to the home.