Mediterranean Interiors

Bring a piece of southern Europe into your home

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Interior design and trends are often inspired by nature, culture and international influences. Take spring’s tropical trend for example, drawing inspiration from the lush greenery of rainforests and hotter climates.

Popular interior style, Mediterranean has become more than a trend as it seems to remain present in interiors throughout the years.

A Mediterranean home embraces rich textures and warm, earthy colours and generally has a welcoming, rustic feel. As we’re very rarely lucky enough to experience the Mediterranean sun, it’s nice to bring our own piece of the Med into our homes, in the way of décor.

Terracotta is a colour synonymous with Mediterranean interiors, but also consider building your palette around earthy whites, greens and browns. Greens represent the bright plant life that often adorns Mediterranean homes, and white is a common base colour for homes in hotter climates.

Textures play a large part in décor design, tiles and rough cut stone bring a great outdoorsy feel to the home, generally inspired by the landscapes surrounding Mediterranean homes. Tiles are also often printed with colourful patterns; the simplicity of Magnet’s Hudson Grey is dressed up with accenting geometric floral tiles.

Give your dining room the Med feel with a rustic wooden table, perfect for serving up tasty tapas or delicious mezze for a real European feel.

The relaxed, friendly lifestyle of Europe’s southern coast is present in their interior design, and with a touch of romance, you can understand why people wish to emulate the overseas style.