Make the Most of Your Shelf Plus

Magnet’s versatile innovation can be used in a number of ways

Shelf Plus Blog

The Shelf Plus is a Magnet Innovation built to organise and declutter worktops.

The sleek innovation can be mounted to the wall or sit helpfully on a worktop surface. Shelf Plus is a simple way to organise your space or showcase your favourite kitchen pieces.

With interchangeable surfaces, you have the flexibility to adapt the shelf. Choose from a wooden tray platform where you can add plant pots, drawers, and knife racks, or keep it sleek with the simple glass top surface.

Increase organisation by keeping your most used kitchen tools and accessories at arms reach for easy access and increased efficiency when cooking. Cookery books, tea and coffee canisters, knives and even herbs all look great on display on the Shelf Plus. Herbs work especially well, with custom designed plant pots that sit within the top level of the Shelf Plus. You can bring a bit of life into the kitchen with some lush green basil for example.

If you wish to keep it firmly functional, consider the addition of drawers into the Shelf Plus for even more valuable storage space. The knife block insert is also a smart way to store sharp kitchen knives, slotting them horizontally onto the wooden board and keeping them out of view and reach of children.

On the other hand, Shelf Plus provides a great platform to show off your favourite decorative kitchen accessories. From flowers, to your favourite glassware or ornamental pieces, give them pride of place on the Shelf Plus and they’re guaranteed to elicit compliments.

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