In the Pink

How to use pink for grown ups

Nova Cashmere

In previous times, it was a common belief that in interior design, pink should be kept for young girls’ bedrooms. However, recently designers have realised the power of pink and our perception of the colour is being transformed to a more sophisticated and stylish shade, whilst maintaining that cheery feel.

New for 2016, Magnet’s Apollo Cashmere perfectly demonstrates how pink can create a feminine, sophisticated space. The beautiful beige cabinets are paired with pale pink walls to infuse the room with a warming glow, aided by well-placed under cabinet lighting. The clean lines of the high gloss units and classic Nebraska Oak worktops bring a mature elegance to the overall feel, proving that pretty pink can be used in the kitchen too.

Whilst pink can be used as a statement colour, it can actually be very flattering when paired with shades such as taupe, grey or purple. Think of pink the way you would other neutral colours to incorporate it into the home in a more subtle way. This option makes for a much more delicate, light feel, where the alternative could be a rich and dramatic feature wall for example.

The love for pink has also given rise to the huge trend for all things copper or rose gold in recent years. A trend that seems to be here to stay, copper and rose gold has out-done other metallics recently, from interiors and kitchen accessories to clothing and jewellery. Take a look at our copper kitchen Pinterest board here for inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colour, there is a lot of inspiration out there, as pink is becoming more and more versatile within interiors.