Design Faux Pas to Avoid

What not to do with your interior design

Newbury Grey

Designing a new home is an exciting job with many choices, so having a checklist to hand is always helpful.

A lot of checklists will tell you which steps to take and everything you need to do throughout the process, but it’s always handy to know what not to do too.

During the design process, it’s normal to look at many places for inspiration, such as magazines and Pinterest. Whilst these are great sources of inspiration, they should be just that. A common mistake is to try and re-create what you have seen in a glossy magazine. The danger here is that the finished product doesn’t always translate from the published image and also that the end result feels a little impersonal. Your rooms make up your home, and not a catalogue or magazine, so use these for ideas to create something that is true to your own style. With Magnet’s QDP tool, you can design a kitchen that is personal to you.

Too much of the same shade is, a common faux pas across both interiors and fashion. When you choose a colour you love, whether it be a sofa or a dress, it seems tempting and easy to try and match everything else in the room or the outfit to this colour. Try to avoid furniture that is all one colour or pattern and will leave the room feeling flat. Ideally, you can choose either contrasting or complementing shades that will break up the space whilst adding depth and variety. Bear in mind the colour ratio rule, 60 - 30 - 10. 60% of the room is your chosen dominant colour, 30% is the secondary colour, saving 10% for accent colours. Metallics make for great accent colours, Magnet’s Newbury Grey demonstrates how well the colour ratio works with stylish copper accents.

Fashions are constantly changing, and when designing interiors it’s normal to want our homes to look up to date. It is good to accessorise your home with on-trend pieces, however be sure to put the most investment into more classic pieces and features rather than anything likely to come and go. Solid wood surfaces in the kitchen for example will add value to your home and have a timeless feel that will prove its worth with any trends that pass through the kitchen.

So with your list of interior to dos, bear in mind these three faux pas to avoid and you will be on your way to designing your dream home.