Cosy Cottage Interiors

How to achieve a cottage feel

Magnet Kitchens Shaker Oak

Cottages are small country homes, with connotations of laid-back, cosy warmth. We can’t all live in snug countryside cottages, so there’s always a demand to create a similar feel indoors.

You could live in a city centre apartment, but if your style is casual and modest, the cottage feel might be to your taste.

Generally, colour schemes are muted and light, pastel shades are layered over neutral bases of white, cream and ivory. Keep your palette soft, and avoid combining too many colours. The use of pastels can give a nice feminine touch, but the cottage feel can work equally well for a tasteful bachelor pad by combining different shades of grey or blue, with a cream base.

Cottages have a lot of personality, which can come from a collection of personal treasures and mismatched furniture. The style celebrates imperfections so look to natural materials and textiles when decorating.

The kitchen is a great place to achieve that homely feel of a cottage, with natural wood surfaces and shaker style units. Magnet’s Shaker Oak kitchen is perfect for achieving a rustic feel, with dark wood units and cream walls.

Solid wood worktops are the ultimate kitchen accessory for a cosy theme, whilst it is important to take care and maintain real wood surfaces, pleasantly distressed materials feature heavily in cottage style interiors. Leighton Grey features muted colours and a beautiful solid wood worktop that fits the warm, homely feel of this kitchen perfectly.

For flooring, think real wood, stone or warm coloured carpet. Don’t be afraid of giving your home the personal touch, and remember that the cottage style is fairly laid-back so doesn’t have to be too coordinated. As long as your room feels relaxed, welcoming and cosy, you’re achieving the cottage feel.