The Perfect Finish – Gloss or Matt

Two styles to consider for your kitchen

Magnet kitchens Astral Oro

The matt kitchen has been an increasingly popular choice for kitchen surfaces and cabinets in recent years due to its contemporary feel, but a classic gloss will also never go out of style.

When each finish creates a dramatically different look, how do you choose the finish that’s best for you and your home?

A high gloss finish works well with flat cabinet doors, allowing the surface to fully reflect the light. The paler the colour, the more light is reflected. For this reason white kitchens are particularly suited to a gloss because the brightness can make a space feel bigger and more open.

However don’t overlook gloss for a darker coloured kitchen, the Astral Oro has a unique retro feel with the eye-catching colour variation. Gloss cabinets can also be a saviour for family kitchens, as the smooth surfaces make for much easier cleaning.

On top of cabinets, you can also consider the material and finish of your worktop surface. Real wood can have a more textured finish than other worktop options and can sit nicely on top of matt units. Magnet’s Newbury White features a naturally attractive timber worktop and subtle off-white cabinetry to give a classic yet contemporary feel.

On the other hand, the contrast of matt units and sleek granite worktop surfaces can be equally complementary. The Harrogate Cream cabinets feature wide rails and slim grooves for a traditional feel, with finishing touches of walnut timber knobs.

Shaker styles generally work well with a matt finish, as demonstrated by Magnet’s Grey Shaker with the sophisticated grey units.

When choosing your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to pick one finish and stick to it, remember that incorporating both can be equally effective, although it is key to choose the right finish for your home and cabinets.