Pull Out Storage Solutions

Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

Magnet pull-out larder

Storage is one of the key elements of a kitchen. Who hasn’t at some point bemoaned the lack of it, wished for more, or spent an infuriating 10 minutes rummaging in the dark at the back for the thing that, when you find it, turns out to have gone past its sell-by date? I’m pretty sure it isn’t just me.

Kitchen designers are under pressure to come up with ever more ingenious ideas to create more space out of nothing. A tall order if ever there was one.

The team at Magnet has designed something clever though. It’s called the Pull-Out Larder - a tall cupboard for all your dry goods, the door is fitted with narrow shelves so that you can instantly see what you have and grab what you need as soon as you open it.

Inside the cupboard is a shelf that is about two-thirds the depth of the space. This is to accommodate the shelves on the door when it’s closed. But, we’re not done yet. When you open the door, the shelves in the cupboard slide forward.

Suddenly, everything is there in front of you, it’s easy to see and it’s easy to reach.

There are no more excuses for keeping out of date foods or, and this is my particular problem, buying more and more tins of tomatoes because you can’t see into the cupboard to know that you already have enough for several weeks. By which I mean months.

It’s a simple idea but then many of the best ones are. If you’re redoing your kitchen then this is definitely one to put on the list.