Magnet’s Kitchen Soundtrack

Set the mood with the Plinth Sound Bar

Plinth sound unit

It’s been said that music has the power to move us, that it defines who we are and that we are constantly making room for the sounds that inspire us. If this is the case, then why not make room for it in your kitchen?

Whether you’re preparing a meal, doing the dishes or hosting a summer party, a kitchen full of music is sure to heighten the experience. Welcome your guests with superior sound, perhaps classical or something more upbeat. Either way, setting the mood will ensure a night to remember. As music should be wherever you are, let us introduce the Sound Bar.

Standing as a proud member of the Innovations Plus selection, the Plinth Sound bar encompasses a stylish Sound bar system that can blend effortlessly into the plinth of your kitchen cabinets, helping you to effectively utilise dead space and to make better use of idle kitchen areas.

Offering an entirety of music at your feet, the Bluetooth Plinth speaker can be synced with any enabled device. The power really is in your hands to transform the tunes, set the tone and create a magically musical atmosphere whenever you see fit.

By giving your kitchen a musical edge you can really allow your personality to shine through. This fantastic Magnet innovation is sure to get your toes tapping