How To Create The Perfect Family Kitchen

Factors to consider for an ideal family room

Magnet Kitchens Gloss White Shaker

Some homes might include impressive kitchens that will host endless dinner parties and some might opt for a space that will accommodate the busy lives of the families that live there. A functional family kitchen doesn’t have to compromise on style.

There are lots of options you can consider to make your kitchen family friendly, from both a design and organisational point of view. A great place to start is to ask yourself, “how does each family member use the kitchen?” Because the chances are, it isn’t just for cooking.

If you often find the little ones keeping you company whilst you’re preparing meals, consider making the kitchen two rooms in one with a seating area. If you’re a little more restricted on space, a breakfast bar or island with bar stool style seating provides the perfect perch for children to hang around. Magnet’s Astral Crème demonstrates an ideal relaxed seating area for kitchen conversations.

If your children are a little older and can find their own way around the kitchen, organisation will be key. If children get their own snacks or breakfast, consider a designated kids drawer or section. A pull-out larder contains five easy access wire baskets and the bottom layers are great to allocate to children’s food such as cereal.

Similarly, Magnet’s Table Plus is a wall-mounted innovation, folding down from a storage cabinet into a table. Table Plus makes the perfect breakfast and snacking area for children and the handy storage space means you can stash away their favourite kitchen crockery when not in use.

Do consider a splash of colour in the kitchen to complement your style. This will not only lift the room but will make it a space that children want to spend time in. You don’t have to commit to a bright feature wall, even colourful utensils and appliances can lift a room.

The great thing about family kitchens is the personal touches. A family blackboard is a lovely way to keep family memos and leave notes for busy families, whether it be sentimental messages or this week’s shopping list. This Gloss White Shaker is paired with a whole chalkboard wall, with the matte black nicely complementing the gloss white units.

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