High Tech Kitchens

How to make your kitchen more technical


Technology plays a large role within the kitchen, and no longer just in the form of cooking appliances. As the kitchen has become a more diverse room within the home, it is not just for food preparation anymore. The kitchen hosts parties and catch ups and is a social space.

Whether it’s modern or traditional, bring your kitchen into the age of technology with a range of Innovations Plus from Magnet, smarter ideas for better kitchens.

If your kitchen is the dedicated area for social events and get-togethers, the Sound Plus comprises a stylish sound bar that blends seamlessly into the unused plinth space below cabinets. Guests will not even notice where the superior sound filling the room is coming from, especially when you’re in control of the Bluetooth connectivity.

Just because your kitchen may be lacking in space, doesn’t mean that you can’t include exciting technological aspects. The 3 Ring Cook Station is a single line of heat points, for an efficient cooking area and maximum worktop space. Similarly, if you’re still looking to add to your worktop surface, the Worktop Plus provides this, along with subtle storage. Extra preparation space wheels in and out of a discreet cabinet style mechanic.

You can’t deny that there is something exciting about hidden technology, and the Cabinet Plus is just that. Ingeniously located shelves at the rear of your cabinets reveal themselves at the flick of a switch for easy access. You’ll be a little more enthusiastic about fetching your utensils with this gadget.

Whether you want to add a little charm to the kitchen or increase it’s functionality with technology, Magnet has an innovation to suit all homes for a kitchen that works with you not against you.

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