Easy To Clean Kitchens

How to achieve a low maintenance kitchen

Magnet Fusion Cream

A beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to mean high maintenance or low functionality. There are many aspects of a kitchen that combine stunning design and minimum upkeep.

A glass splashback is a vital addition for an easy to clean kitchen, and will fit neatly behind your sink or cooking space as they are available in almost any size. The wipeable glass is easy to clean and catches any splashes to save you from any potential wall stains. Also available in standard glass, Decocolour and Deco Glaze ranges from Magnet, you can choose a colour and finish to suit your kitchen style perfectly.

Magnet’s Smart Cube is a convenient waste bin tucked into a pull-out cabinet under your worktop. For minimal effort when preparing food and cleaning surfaces, waste can simply be swept off the surface and into the bin, out of sight.

Similarly, some worktop surfaces require less up-keep and are easier to clean, such as Magnet’s High Definition Laminate. Laminate is practical and hardwearing as well as water and stain resistant, so the perfect worktop surface for a low-maintenance kitchen. The surface has a smooth finish that can be wiped down easily and doesn’t require the treatment natural materials such as wood may need.

Organisation within your cabinets is more of a behind-the-scenes tip for an easy-clean kitchen. Make sure your cleaning products are quick to hand with a deep pan drawer unit with top sink drawer. The ingenious storage maximises on space surrounding the underneath of the sink and is the perfect home for your cleaning products as they can still be kept beneath the sink without being tucked away at the back of a bottom cupboard.

Magnet’s essentials include the Base Unit Liner, which protects sink units and cupboards from damage and spillages. The liner can be removed for cleaning, to save you trying to reach all the way into that far back corner in the case of a spillage.

Enough work is done in the kitchen whilst cooking, so why spend more time cleaning up, when you could be relaxing and enjoying your new kitchen?

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