Nine Things Science Says You Need For A Happy Home

Tips for the home to increase your general happiness

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There are many factors that contribute to our general happiness, but science has found that the home is the best place to start. Our homes are an extension of ourselves and these top tips, colours, scents and accessories can be incorporated to increase your chance of happiness.

1. Yellow and green are found to evoke the most feelings of happiness in the home. Whilst a fully green kitchen may seem a bit bold, these bright hues make great accent colours. Think green splashback, statement wall or appliances.

2. Giving you a perfect excuse to have flowers in the house all year round, research has found that the presence of flowers stimulates positive emotions, so treat yourself.

3. Provoke a sense of calm throughout the house by displaying sentimental photographs and positioning them proudly on shelving with Magnet’s Illuminated Shelf Light.

4. The scent of vanilla beans has been found to be incredibly mood improving and uplifting, so make some space on your kitchen worktops for vanilla scented candles. Freshly lit on your return from work, they will encourage relaxation.

5. Our scent receptors are linked to the part of our brain that triggers emotions. Boost your mood with a light floral scent by opting for a subtle rose bud air freshener or perfume to increase feelings of happiness.

6. Research has established a link between the stress hormone and the amount of household objects in a woman’s home, suggesting that clutter causes stress. So clear the clutter and make way for the calm, Magnet’s clever storage solutions help to keep your kitchen organised.

7. No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, start the day right by making your bed. Research showed that 71% of those who take time to make their bed each day consider themselves happy. Conversely, of those who skip this morning ritual, 62% would label themselves as unhappy.

8. Treat yourself to things that encourage experiences in the home. Spending time at home and making positive memories there is key, whether it’s new cutlery for dinner parties or DVDs for family movie nights. Don’t forget to document the good times with a photograph to display later.

9. Pull up a seat at the dining room table and take a couple of minutes over a coffee to jot down your thoughts and feelings. Research has found that writing a journal helps us manage emotions and contributes to future moods, making us happier.

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