How to Maximise on Your Kitchen Island Functionality

Ways to make the most of your kitchen island


Besides being a stylish addition to your kitchen, an island is also a great functional asset.

Firstly, an island provides the potential for additional storage space in kitchens that might be lacking in units.

The obvious option is to install cabinets inside the island, however consider taking advantage of each side of the island. An integrated spice rack can provide a neat and handy storage area for essential ingredients.

Aside from storage, an island can act as a functional dining area, with a relaxed, informal feel. The option to add some sophisticated bar stools is a chance to bring even more personality to your kitchen.

Similarly, for a little extra casual dining and drinking space, and create a relaxed cocktail bar feel. The perfect combination of functionality and showcasing is found with an island. However, if your space doesn't allow for an island. You can use our Smart Space Storage Solutions to make the most of the space you do have. Get some inspo here.