How to Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Kitchen

Which shape will work best for you?

Magnet Kitchen Fusion White

Whether you’re looking for a dining table as a functional eating space or a focal point, there are many factors to take into consideration to find one that is perfect for your kitchen.

Firstly, such a substantial piece of furniture needs to be the right shape for your kitchen or dining area.

The most traditional dining table shape is rectangular, this works well for households that seat more than four people at once, as they allow for everyone to be seated in a social setting.

If you’re concerned about squeezing a rectangular table into a limited space, measure your dimensions beforehand and take the measurements along with you when shopping for tables. This ensures your table fits perfectly and the area is not overfilled.

Oval tables naturally lend themselves slightly better to medium and small spaces than rectangular tables. The curved edges allow for more space around the table and you can move more easily around them as there are no harsh lines or corners. For more decorative or traditional, medium sized kitchens, a long oval table with pedestal legs gives a more grand, ornamental feel.

Square shaped tables can be a very effective addition to a stylish kitchen, although not always the most practical option as the amount of space they require is generally underestimated. A square table is therefore often best suited to large kitchens, as a dramatic focal point.

A round table is a lovely option for families as the layout encourages conversations and enables the group to be close. The round table lends itself well to small spaces, but if you are looking to fit more than four around the table, it will need to be at least 150 centimetres in diameter.

Consider stools and pedestals for tight dining spaces, as they can be tucked neatly away under tables, allowing for more room and movement in the kitchen.

Chic, modern kitchens are the perfect setting for a breakfast bar. Popular options are a central island, or sometimes on the leg of a U shaped kitchen. Breakfast bars are great in social households and, as they are typically long and narrow with stools tucking neatly underneath. Consider a breakfast bar for smaller spaces as a practical way to make the most of the social setting.

Magnet’s Astral White kitchen perfectly demonstrates how well a breakfast bar can work in a contemporary setting, whilst being both functional and stylish.