A Stylish Kitsch-en - Retro Is Back

How to achieve the style that always comes back around

Vienna Oak

Retro kitchens are back on the scene for interiors, particularly that 60’s-70’s feel, and the vintage style is perfect for summer.

A retro design is a great way to have fun with your kitchen, whether it is through colour palette, units, furniture and appliances, or just through accessories and accents.

When choosing a colour scheme, select two or three primary colours. How you interpret these colours depends on your personal style, however consider a bright worktop surface, Magnet’s Quartz comes in two eye-catching primary shades, Pimenta and Azul.

White or cream is the perfect base to create a vintage feel, the Gloss Cream Slab kitchen is a stylish, kitsch take on the trend. The sleek gloss finish of the cabinets is complemented with pastel polka-dot wallpaper and quirky bright accessories for a truly retro 50’s style.

Simple, cosy cabinets or even retro cabinets with a touch of modern style, such as Shaker, work perfectly to create a retro feel. For a stylish twist on the classic Shaker theme, Magnet’s Hudson Cream units feature Shaker style doors, with an updated, sleek cream finish and curved D handles to give a modern edge.

For a more subtle adaptation, you can give your kitchen that retro edge with vintage inspired accessories or appliances. Microwaves, fridges and ovens are available in a whole range of colours and even fully retro styles. Rangemaster ovens look wonderfully kitsch and come in a selection of primary colours and even pastel shades of blue, yet perform like a brilliantly modern oven.

Take inspiration from the swinging 60’s and the stylish 70’s or choose an era that you love to be perfectly on-trend and achieve a stylish retro kitschen.