Stylish Kitchen Splashbacks

Which splashback material works for your kitchen?

A kitchen splashback is a purposely tiled area behind the sink or hob that protects the wall from inevitable splashes and stains. Once a functional afterthought in kitchen design, the splashback has become a tool to add style and make a statement in the kitchen.

Today splashbacks are available in a wide range of materials, colours, finishes and even textures, making them more of an accessory to dress up your kitchen walls.

Laminate Splashbacks & Upstands

Laminate splashbacks and upstands are a great alternative to tiles, with easy-to-clean surfaces and a large choice of colours and finishes to suit
your family’s design and budget. Laminate splashbacks should not be used with hobs.

Glass Splashbacks & Upstands

These easy-to-clean glass splashbacks and upstands fit behind your sink and hob and are available in almost any size and colour you need. There are three ranges to choose from, so you can go for the one that best suits your kitchen and budget.

Deco Glaze provides Premium Quality, made to order glass splashbacks in bespoke sizes. Available in 48 colours with painted edges, with metallic colours also available.

For our full Splashback options, you can view these in our brochure.