Tile Style

Update your walls with unique styles

Studio Cream

Tiles, whilst also being extremely practical, can also add great colour and design depth to your kitchen. They can be placed behind your cooking station, sink or as a feature wall. You could even run your floor tiles and wall tiles together, the options really are endless.

Geometrics, stars and florals will all be big trends for 2016 and the beauty of the range of colours and designs makes them suitable for eclectic, vintage and industrial kitchens.

Always start off with a square tile to make it easier when applying the tiles and fitting the pattern together. Also use tiles with a resistant gloss finish and strong grout to make them extra durable in your kitchen.

Which kitchen do we recommend to compliment your tiling? Go for a Studio Cream with a gloss finish and curved units that give a really modern feel. The tile patterns and hues will stand out against the simple cream colour scheme.

Tiles can give your kitchen a warm Mediterranean feel, elegant Greek look or quirky and fun vibe all from the careful choice of colours. The use of tiles is timeless making them a fail-safe buy.

However avoid too much tiling to prevent over crowding in your kitchen – let the tiles speak for themselves and compliment your cupboards and units.