It’s Time To Set The Mood

Kitchen Lighting

Display Drawers

Lighting plays an important role in the kitchen, whether it comes from a natural source through your windows and skylights, or it’s a combination of decorative and mood lighting.

If your kitchen has dark units and few windows it is important to make the most of artificial lighting in your kitchen. Utilise space under cabinets with strip lights for illuminating your worktops, place spotlights in your plinth to illuminate the floor of your kitchen or choose bright hanging lights over your island.

Island lighting, whilst also practical, can make a stunning decorative feature. 2015 saw a surge in beautiful copper light features accessorising kitchen islands and this is look is set to stay around for 2016. If copper isn’t your thing maybe choose a naked bulb, steel finish or large light feature – the key is lots of light.

Maybe you have a sleek, contemporary kitchen with all white unites - LED lights would suit this best reflecting off the glossy worktops and bouncing around your kitchen. Choose to light up open shelving in your kitchen with lights running along the edge or underneath.

A key innovation from Magnet for 2016 is the Illuminated Feature Drawer letting you display ornaments and small crockery or anything you wish in an open glass drawer illuminated from the back. In addition, for your deepest of cupboards, place a Drawer Light Unit in it for when you are rummaging for the colander.

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