Add Warmth To Your Kitchen

Kitchen Trend: Inject wood tones to add depth and warmth

Somerton Cream

There’s something enchanting about the warmth and timeless beauty of real wood so it isn’t surprising that it remains a big player in kitchen design for 2016.

The versatility of wood means it fits seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional homes and it’s perfect for bridging the two styles together too.

If you’ve opted for a modern style but want to inject warmth into a sleek and minimalistic design then wood is the perfect material for the job. Whether it’s subtle hints or a statement piece such as a wooden worktop, incorporating wood into your design will instantly create a more homely touch.

For discreet accents of wood with maximum effect, opt for good quality wooden utensils and use wall storage to display. Or if you’re looking for a more permanent home for wood in your kitchen, invest in a solid wood kitchen worktop. Guaranteed to keep your kitchen homely and always on trend, wood worktops add an element of luxury to any home.