2016 Preview

The Biggest Kitchen Trends

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As we head into 2016 perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a new kitchen. With so many to choose from, it can be a difficult decision but here is our guide to what is going to be top of the style charts in 2016 for your kitchen space.

An open plan kitchen is perfect for socialising plus hosting parties and dinners. Add in breakfast bars and islands to maximise the floor space and ensure a well connected room for all your guests.

On top of classic wood finishes high gloss will remain a huge trend. The shiny look creates a modern looking kitchen and is easy to maintain when used on cupboards and worktops.

Copper doesn’t look like it is leaving us anytime soon, along with brushed metal styles on handles, nobs and accessories. Set the copper against a matte black or dark colour finish to accentuate the shine.

Storage is key in 2016 and super storage takes precedent – you want to maximise on every inch of space in your kitchen and make use of storage in your plinth and the end of islands by creating small shelves to house spices and cook books.

In terms of overall style a traditional contemporary kitchen, an oxymoron that might be, but in 2016 you will be combining the elements of both for a modern day feast. Combine soft pastel colours with dark woods and modern finishes for an up to date style.