Why Choose Kitchen Curves?

Create A More Intimate Space With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Magnet Kitchens Shaker Cream

Kitchen cabinets have traditionally been square shaped, rectangle shaped and at perfect right angles but a wide range of the Magnet collection now has the option of curved cabinets, worktops and islands.

Soft curves are seen across the Planar White, Somerton Cream and Studio Cream collection creating an overall softer and warmer feel to your kitchen. Curved cabinets and worktops promote flow and help join up kitchen areas with dining and seating areas.

Don’t be led to believe that curved cupboards are more expensive or tricky to store food, crockery and cleaning items. To help with the unusual shape choose a smart storage solution such as a pull-out basket, corner carousel or swing corner unit to maximise on space.

Finally with clean flowing lines in your kitchen accessorise with tiles lining in the same direction either on the floor or on your walls and try to keep the rest of the pattern in your kitchen simple to match the clean aesthetic.

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