The Futuristic Kitchen Of 2016

The ‘Control Centre’ Of Your Home

CAPLE WI6228 Wine Cooler

We have covered off kitchen gadgets in recent blog posts, but staple kitchen appliances are due to have a technological makeover this year and you really will wonder how you ever lived without them.

As the kitchen is used as the focal point of many homes it is becoming a control centre for charging stations, coffee machines, blenders and sound systems. Keep the many wires and plugs in check with USB compatible plug sockets or plugs tucked away in drawers and under cabinets.

AEG and Electrolux induction hobs create a less cluttered, modern look in your kitchen and a smoother work surface. They are much more environmentally friendly and cook food quicker – what isn’t there to love?

Magnet’s Cabinet Plus reveals itself from the back of cabinets with just the push of a button, providing extra storage space for utensils, jars or sauces and tucks away again neatly.

As wine coolers and fridges become more of a necessity than a luxury, make use of dead cupboard space and build in a dual temperature twin fridge, the bottle capacity can be your choice.

Finally Magnet’s Sound Bar is a unique audio experience built specifically for use in kitchens and blends so seamlessly into a plinth. The Bluetooth connectivity means you can link the Sound Bar to any device with Bluetooth capability to impress your guests by changing track at the press of a button.

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