Step Aside, Grey Coming In

Incorporate Grey Into Your Kitchen

Newbury Grey

Grey is the biggest kitchen colour of the moment, as a versatile shade and acting as a perfect complement to bright hues, copper, rose gold and natural materials like metal and wood.

Newbury Grey is the latest addition to the Uniquely Magnet collection with its moody, mid-grey matt finish there is no denying the impact that it will make in your home. You might choose to brighten a room by opting for a glossy white worktop and copper features to contrast with the darker cabinets.

As popular as white cabinets are for their easy to clean and wipe aspects, grey cabinets are soon to take over as the preferred kitchen cabinet. Whether you choose a matt or gloss grey, the surface is not just beautiful but also durable to stay that way.

A complementary element to grey cabinets is industrial style lighting lining your kitchen island or worktop. Adding in a glossy kitchen work station with wood worktops and a strong metal lighting feature creates a perfect centrepiece.

Finally, it is important to accessorise with bright colours and maximise on lighting, whether that be through sky lights built into the roof or extra cabinet and plinth lighting. Grey is bold enough to stand out, yet natural enough to team with all sorts of different colours.

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