How to Maximise Your Kitchen Space

Expert advice from Jen Stanbrook


Whether we have a large room or not, one the most important design features of any kitchen is to maximise the space that you do have. Making the most of every corner, shelf, cupboard and wall becomes essential in designing the perfect kitchen, and has to be at the forefront of any good kitchen plan.

There are lots of ways to ensure that you are making the most of your available space and many tricks that designers use to create the best kitchen to suit your needs.

Firstly consider the overall space, and how best to use it. If you think you can fit in a kitchen island, or a breakfast bar these are great options, but consider if you and your family will benefit from such features. If you really need somewhere to eat, try and include a table and chairs, or built in eating area. It makes the kitchen, one of the most used rooms in the house, much more sociable and accessible.

Next, it will come down to the details, and the design aspects that make up the bigger kitchen plan. Get these right and you’ll be amazed at how much space even the smallest of kitchens can yield.

Full walls of cupboards make the most of the ceiling height, whilst clever inserts can divide up your collection of objects ensuring you’re never rummaging at the back of a cupboard for a misplaced pot or pan.

Adding wine racks, bookcases, open plan shelving and display drawers means you’ll always have a place for essentials and treasured possessions, keeping them clean, safe and well organised. Pot racks from the ceiling are still on trend and look great in country or more traditional kitchens, whilst a more contemporary look benefits from hidden storage and clutter free worktops.

One feature that Magnet have recently introduced into the Kitchen range for 2016 is the Cabinet Plus. This very clever, innovative design enables a ‘hidden’ shelving system to drop out into view from behind a wall cupboard only when you need access to its contents. Sophisticated and elegant, the shelves can be customised to house your own individual items, like cookery books and notes, or your selection of spices and oils, enabling you to personalise your kitchen like never before.

At the push of a concealed button the stylish, neat shelves slowly reveal themselves, showcasing your design skills and your handy ‘go-to’ products. Features like this offer the owner an excellent way to inject personality into a kitchen; imagine how thrilled your guests will be when your favourite bottle of wine and selection of glasses comes smoothly into view.

This product really plays into the latest trend of minimalism versus maximalism whereby even the most minimalist space can become instantly practical without compromising the overall design.

Ensuring your kitchen is practical as well as stylish can be a hard trick to pull off, but forward thinking design elements such as the Cabinet Plus will ensure your kitchen works hard, and maximises all of its potential, and hidden space, your room has to offer.

Think carefully, do your research and plan well before embarking on your new kitchen design and you’ll be able to incorporate all of the elements that go towards creating the kitchen of your dreams, even in the smallest of spaces.

By Jen Stanbrook

Love Chic Living

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