Multifunctional Furniture in the Home

Increase your kitchen’s functionality

Those with smaller kitchens, will appreciate that in modern times we need our space to work harder for us. The kitchen is an incredibly multifunctional room so why shouldn’t this extend to the furniture?

The demand for space-saving, multifunctional furniture has lead to a niche trend of modular furniture. Pre-made units can be combined in different ways to build modular furniture, often for functional purposes such as cabinet/desk combinations. This is seen as a home solution as it can operate as a variety of different products.

Similarly, Magnet’s Table Plus is a dual-purpose innovation, perfect for a kitchen that functions both as a cooking and dining area. The fold down table is mounted on the wall and easily concealed by folding back into the wall. When in its folded position, the Table Plus forms a handy storage cabinet, perfect for keeping any dining equipment you might need when the table is in use. When unfolded, the Table Plus is a great space to snack, drink and spend time with friends or family.

Even larger kitchens should make the most of their space. If your kitchen is large enough for a central island, consider extending the worktop surface to create a chic breakfast bar area for dining and relaxing, as seen in the Leighton Gloss Cream. The extended Walnut worktop provides extra space, making this island much more than extra surface area to prepare food, and by featuring the kitchen’s hob on the island also, it becomes a sophisticated serving area.

There are many multifunctional options to consider for your home, and space is valuable, so be sure that your furniture is as practical as it is stylish.

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