Make Your House Your Home

Simple ways to make your house feel more homely

Magnet Kitchens Tatton Cream

Whether your house is new, recently decorated or you just want it to feel that little bit more homely, there are many ways to make a house a home.

Firstly, you should enjoy your space and the people in it. Entertaining is a great way to do this, hosting a dinner party or just relaxed drinks will make you feel appreciative of your home when you see everybody enjoying it. Where better to host a gathering than the heart of the home, the kitchen?

This may sound unusual, but play music. Sound can be one of the most evocative senses, and music often links to our memories, so by having a house filled with sounds you can build new memories in your home. Similarly, spritz your home with fragrance, as sense of smell has a similar effect on our memories. Cultivate scent with flowers, perfume, hand soap or even freshly baked breads and cakes.

As we’ve recently talked about in posts, get creative. Make things in your house that you enjoy and can even put on display. There are hundreds of DIY tips, tricks and upcycling hacks on the internet, although you don’t have to be artistic, if all else fails, make cocktails. The creative process will have you engaging with your house and making those homely connections, and if you have something handmade and personal at the end, that’s a bonus.

Adding a touch of colour can make a room feel more personal, it could be accessories, furniture or a whole wall. We might not see much colour day to day here in the UK, so coming home to your favourite shades will make your house more inviting. Magnet’s Tatton Cream is a great example, as the glazed shaker units are complemented by a duck egg blue feature wall, oven and splashback.

Finally, adorn your home with pictures and symbolic items that mean something to you. Having memories on show is guaranteed to make you feel at home in your space. Magnet has a selection of great products to help you showcase your personal pieces, including the innovative Shelf Plus.

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