Kitchen Worktops

Magnet’s top picks of work surfaces

Magnet Kitchens Fusion Blue

No kitchen is complete without worktops. It’s important that your surface works with your chosen design and at Magnet we have got lots of colours and materials for you to choose from.

Our experts share their top picks with you to help you decide your favourite.

Star Galaxy granite is an incredibly stylish choice. This option is a dark black with grey tones and stunning metallic flecks. Because granite is a natural material, the pattern of every single worktop is unique, making your kitchen one of a kind.

Magnet’s Corian range is available in over 70 colourways, however we love Glacier White. This simple choice might be subtle, but is highly effective. The plain white surface can create quite the impact in a monochrome kitchen when paired with dark walls. The sleek feel reflects the easy maintenance of Corian in the kitchen.

Quartz is a natural and durable worktop material. To add a touch of sparkle whilst keeping your space elegant and sophisticated, we recommend Metalico. The silver surface has metallic flecks that will reflect the light and breathe some life into your kitchen. This is a great choice to create an impressive modern feel, with a high gloss finish.

For a traditional, warm kitchen, our top pick from the bespoke solid wood collection is Oak. An incredibly versatile wood that can be cut into any shape required and adds a timeless charm to the heart of the home.

A great value worktop option is Laminate, and with stylish finishes such as Capitol Pine you can achieve the look of more expensive options like wood and granite for a price that will make you #lookagain. Capitol Pine even has a textured finish to achieve a realistic wood look.

Whether you opt for a natural or manmade surface, we have a worktop at Magnet to suit your taste. Take inspiration from the experts and browse the full collection online.