Brights Vs Neutrals

Choosing your perfect colour scheme

Magnet Kitchens Gloss White Slab

You can be spoilt for choice choosing the perfect colour scheme when updating your kitchen, and the choice between brights and neutrals is a common debate. It is important that you choose a colour scheme that fits your personal tastes so you are happy with it for years to come.

Whilst neutral colours can be quite traditional, they are also very adaptable, and will easily fit the style of a modern kitchen. Going for a neutral scheme when decorating your kitchen gives you the freedom to switch up accessories and appliances, without having to worry about a colour clash.

Whether you go for a splash of colour with a feature wall, or go all out and decide to brighten up your kitchen, it will give the feel of enlivening your entire house. Bright colours are great if you want your kitchen to feel warmer, or if you just want to illuminate your space. Everyone needs a pop of colour in their lives, and where better to do it than in the heart of your home?

Neutral colours still allow the kitchen to feel light and are great for making a space appear bigger, as seen in Magnet’s City White. This contemporary design has a stylish feel, with a clean-cut finish. The urban undertones created by the combination of white and grey allow a simplicity which can be easily adapted to fit your personal tastes.

For a brighter approach, check out the Vienna Oak design. The textured grain effect of the kitchen presents a retro but stylish look, which is the perfect combination to be paired with a bright wall colour. The green toned wall patterns accentuate the traditional style, while still keeping the theme of the kitchen from feeling outdated.

Alternatively, try out the Gloss White Slab design, demonstrating how easily the simplistic gloss finish units can combine with a splash of colour, to create a truly beautiful kitchen design. The green glass square edge worktops add the perfect dash of colour so as not to overwhelm, while still making an impact to the kitchen’s aesthetic.