Waste Not Want Not

Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

Kitchens are messy places. We seem to spend as much, if not more, time clearing up as we do preparing and eating the food we have made. There’s all the waste from the preparation and packaging and then there’s all the tidying afterwards.

In recent years, with the move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and the insistence that we recycle more, we have needed to find more space to store that waste. Most of us now have a recycling bin, a normal bin and, often a food waste bin. This often sits on the worktop, is unsightly and takes up valuable space. And anyway, who wants the food waste sitting next to the fresh ingredients?

Well, the Magnet Innovations team has come up with a clever solution and, this is one that I would definitely like to have in my kitchen.

It’s a bin in a drawer. So far, so normal. Many already have a bin in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. However, this is high up and sits directly under the worktop. This means you can peel your potatoes, spiralise your courgettes, or slice your carrots and then simply open the drawer and sweep everything in.

There’s no grabbing handfuls of peelings out of the sink and trying to get to them to the bin without dropping any. There’s no having to separate peelings from carrier bag as that involves two different bins. And, crucially, no food waste on show.

Of course, you don’t have to use this bin just for food waste. At that height it’s ideal for those who have difficulty bending over a traditional bin.

There is one more element that appeals to me too. I have never liked those large free-standing bins. Firstly, they take up space and secondly, you probably don’t need to empty them every day which means you are keeping rubbish in your house. I have a small bin under the sink which I empty daily – no smells, no indoor rubbish.

This Waste Bin is the perfect solution and it might even free up some space under the kitchen sink.