The Trend for Scandinavian Style Comes to Kitchens

How to achieve an on-trend Scandi style kitchen

Magnet Kitchens Integra Fusion White

Understated Scandinavian styling is sought after in many design aspects, namely fashion and interiors. A style synonymous with clean lines and effortless chic is naturally covetable for the home.

There’s a number of ways to incorporate Scandinavian flare into the kitchen and Magnet demonstrates the demand for the move of Scandi style to kitchens with a number of designs in its current collection.

Key aspects of a modern Scandinavian design include that paired-back feel and muted neutrals as base colours. For a truly authentic feel, start with pale wood flooring, which features heavily throughout traditional Scandinavian homes.

White and cool grey are a classic colour combination to achieve the minimalist feel, the bright white units of Magnet’s Astral White work well with the grey tones of the ceiling and floor. This colour pairing also allows you to experiment with textures, such as high gloss cabinets against warm, grainy wood.

Texture is a major aspect in Scandi style, and natural materials like wood are prominent in Scandinavian home design. Magnet’s selection of Bespoke Solid Wood worktops are the perfect way to add warmth to the neutral colours of your kitchen with deep tones such as Walnut and Wenge.

Although it’s best to keep your key colours earthy and muted, don’t be afraid to accent with vibrant pops of colour, just be sure to keep any ornamentation in the kitchen minimal. Magnet’s Integra Astral White features the classic white/grey combination with two-tone units and an exciting yellow splashback.

A great positive about Scandinavian style is that it is traditionally functional, so your kitchen will be as practical as it is beautiful.