Organisation In The Heart Of The Home

How to organise your kitchen

Cabinet Plus

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, so a well-organised kitchen can make all the difference to the overall efficiency of your home.

They say a great test to determine how organised your own kitchen is, is to ask someone else to prepare a meal and then clean up in your kitchen. Not just a ploy to get out of the cooking, but you’ll actually be able to determine how organised your space is, by how long it takes them to find their way around the kitchen. Two birds with one stone…

Whilst there are the basic tips and hacks for kitchen organisation, such as stacking pans within each other and storing cleaning products under the sink, Magnet offers some great products to help get your kitchen organised.

The three-part recycling bin makes easy work of sorting your rubbish before collection day. Made up of three individual colour-coded compartments, the bin folds neatly away into cabinet space so you can avoid cluttering your space with numerous recycling bins.

Create multiple layers of storage for food or crockery by incorporating an internal drawer system, which is neatly hidden within your kitchen units. The unit works great with base cabinets and allows for maximum storage without compromising on style. Other innovative additions to your drawers include drawer dividers and plate holders, to neatly lay out cutlery, crockery and pans.

Take your organisation to the next level and give your kitchen the technical edge with one of Magnet’s most recent innovations, the Cabinet Plus. Ingeniously located shelves at the back of your cabinets reveal themselves at the flick of a switch for instant access to your kitchen tools and accessories.

Organisation in the kitchen can only make it easier when it comes to cooking and cleaning, and who doesn’t want that?