Kitchens To Suit Your Style: Feminine

How to achieve a feminine kitchen

Magnet Kitchens Gloss cream shaker

There is a kitchen to suit everyone’s personal style. Whilst minimalists might prefer clean lines and sleek surfaces, traditionalists may favour wood and tiling. Modern design makes it possible to achieve a feminine kitchen whilst maintaining a level of chic.

Your feminine style doesn’t necessarily mean pink accents or floral appliances and Magnet has plenty of designs that can be tailored suit your personality and taste.

Cream as a base colour can easily be adapted for an elegantly feminine kitchen. The cream cabinets in Magnet’s Gloss Cream Shaker kitchen are finished with a high gloss and complemented with a burgundy splashback to add a touch of personality.

Also consider light or mid-grey as a base colour for a feminine kitchen with flair. The matt finish units in Magnet’s Newbury Grey kitchen are accented with on-trend copper handles. The current trend for copper and rose gold is a tasteful way to incorporate feminine rosy tones into the kitchen, through handles, hardware or appliances.

A unique way to express a feminine style within the kitchen is to showcase your favourite, personal pieces and create a focal point, as demonstrated in the showcasing unit in the Newbury Grey kitchen. The ultimate focal point for a luxuriously feminine kitchen is the Elica Star Island Hood, a stunning crystal effect hood that will always attract attention when hanging elegantly and catching light in the centre of the kitchen.