This season’s biggest trend

This season’s biggest trend

Luna Cream

As the days have grown colder, it’s been increasingly impossible to ignore the trend that has taken over the autumn/winter seasons, velvet.

Originally known for its high production costs, velvet has often been associated with nobility and still has connotations as a luxurious fabric. With these prestigious credentials and distinct, soft feel it is no surprise that velvet has ruled the catwalks this year.

As we often see, the trend has made its way into our homes, through opulent upholstery and ornate accessories. This unique textile lends itself particularly well to upholstered dining chairs. It might be easiest to imagine vintage or antique styles, but velvet is truly brought into the modern day when featured on contemporary, unusual shapes. For example, when the soft velvet cushion of a dining chair sits on metallic steel legs, the ancient textile is given an instant update for the modern home.

If you’re looking to incorporate the trend into your kitchen and dining room, why not make it a focal point by toning down on other colours and textures. The rich nature of the fabric often means that colours are bold and eye-catching, so let the velvet do the talking when it comes to interiors. Pair the textile with stunningly simple units and worktops such as those featured in the Luna Cream kitchen. The different finishes of the high gloss units and the silken fabric create a lovely contrast that gives a feel of up to date style in your kitchen.

There are a number of ways to build this season’s biggest trend into both your wardrobe and your home, take a look at our new Pinterest board for some style inspiration.