Why Washed Up?

Viva Grey
Integra Astral Blue kitchen

Trend forecasters are very intelligent people. Translating cultural and social information into what colour you will paint your kitchen walls or what shade of laminate worktop you will choose that season.

After the technical calculations, we are left with key colours, textures, shapes and themes to run with that season. This summer is all about ‘Washed Up’ home wares; think coastal with a very rustic appeal – minus the algae.

Beautiful egg blue colours, weathered woods, milky and cracked textures plus frosted ceramic and smooth aqua glass lead this retail trend.

Trend forecasters have scoured UK and US home and lifestyle stores for months to reveal what is top of buyers shopping lists this summer, and of course Magnet has reacted to this.

Shop the Integra Astral Blue with a high gloss metallic finish for a minimalist look with plenty of impact.

Alternatively shop the Viva Grey or Fantasy Grey to hit that trend of cracked textures. This understated, muted colour leaves plenty of opportunity to accessorise with coloured vases, ornaments and crockery.