Create A Welcoming Entrance

The importance of a show stopping hallway

Nova Cream

First impressions count. The first day of a new job, a first date and most importantly the hallway in your home. Before guests enter your kitchen they are forced to meander through your collection of coats, shoes and keys.

It is imperative to create an open, inviting space that gives your guests a sneak peek at what else is to be seen in your house. Whether you have a large, spacious hallway or a small porch area keep it clear of clutter and ensure it sets the standard for the rest of the house.

For a consistent flowing feel from the hallway into the kitchen choose one colour paint for your doors and skirting boards. The trend for grey is still going strong. Choose a deep grey gloss for a striking contrast against light coloured walls and accessorise with bold colours and eccentric prints. Continue this theme with grey worktops in granite or laminate.

To keep muddy shoes and scarves out of sight buy a solid storage frame with removable boxes in and assign your children their own box to keep their belongings together. Buy a vintage coat stand for a unique touch in your hallway or put up large decorative mirrors to make the space feel bigger.

Once guests have been marvelled with your hallway, there is only one place left to wow them – your Magnet kitchen.