The Top10 Must Have Kitchen Utensils

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Our kitchens are now packed with hi tech appliances, the newest innovations and complicated utensils. But how many of these 10 essential kitchen accessories do you have in your home?

Useful utensils – have some fun with your classic knife, fork and spoon set. And don’t forget to match your spatula, ladle and serving spoon to your kitchen accessory colour scheme.

Cool cutting board – move away from the traditional wooden cutting board and choose one with a built in strainer to go from chopping to washing without leaving the board.

Baking sets- not just for practicality and measuring, choose chic sets in quirky shapes and styles.

Magnificent mugs – following on from the trend of open shelving, your mugs must look glam in your kitchen and be an ornament in their own right.

Sleek oil – it’s time to decant your olive oil into a sophisticated metal can to show off on your worktop.

Cheeky desserts – serve your delicious homemade desserts on equally as satisfying plates and dishes, in an array of shapes and designs.

Stylish stools – kitchen islands are a key trend for 2015, so don’t let your kitchen down with plain stools. Choose bold styles and graphic prints coordinated with the rest of your kitchen.

Silverware sorter – bring your cutlery out from the drawer and display in a caddy, canister or pot that can be moved around your kitchen.

Wine rack – wine is never out of place in a kitchen. Keep your bottles organised with a stunning wall rack.

Knife block – knives are very much a kitchen essential, keep them looking organised, stylish and out of the way of children in their own block. A wood style will never go out of fashion.

We all know that the kitchen is the most practical, functional room in the home but with the addition of these items it will remain the most stylish too.

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