Eco Credentials

How much money could your kitchen be saving you?

Grey Shaker

Did you know that by simply changing your kitchen appliances and buying eco-friendly products you could actually be shaving money off your bills month after month? Well read on to find out more.

Of course energy-efficient appliances with an A+ rating are great eco-friendly products to have in your kitchen but by changing simple things such as your pans, kettle and place mats you can also be doing your bit for the environment.

Invest in pans that have glass lids, as during the last stages of cooking you can turn the heat off while it continues to cook inside. Also ceramic coated pans are a much more environmentally friendly choice than non-stick pans.

Choosing cork placemats is not only a great heat insulator to keep food and drink warmer for longer but it is a naturally regenerating, recyclable, biodegradable material. And it looks great in any kitchen.

Remember not to overfill your kettle. Only fill with the amount of water you need to boil as a leading energy supplier calculated that it costs 2.5p each time you boil a full kettle, and depending on your tea consumption that amount can soon build up.

Finally, washing up by hand could actually be wasting a huge amount of energy compared to an efficient dishwasher. Remember to fill to capacity or choose a half load setting for smaller loads.

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