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How to work wallpaper in your kitchen

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Are you looking to add some character and depth to your kitchen but just not sure how? Wallpaper is your answer to this. The intricacy of the designs cannot be mirrored with just tiles or paint alone.

As impractical as wallpaper in your kitchen sounds, it is time to alter that mind-set and incorporate it alongside tiles and splashbacks.

As kitchens are becoming increasingly more like living rooms and acting as the hub of the home for the family, the décor needs to reflect this and be warm and inviting in its approach.

We would suggest only applying wallpaper to one feature wall. But avoid the space above your sink or oven and stick to tiles and splashbacks here to help with grease and damp.

2015 however has seen the introduction of waterproof wallpaper that can be used indoors and outdoors. This is particularly practical if you have little ones with sticky fingers running around your kitchen, as it can be easily wiped down.

If you’re not quite daring enough to wallpaper an entire wall, run a small border wallpaper along your worktops, down the side of units or above windows. To take this one step further protect it with a panel of clear glass to create your own colourful splashback.

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