Futuristic Kitchens

Step into 2025 and see how your kitchen will look

Display Drawers

How much can really change in your kitchen in 10 years you ask? Well, according to design firm Ideo London and students from Lund and Eindhoven Universities, quite a lot.

The Concept Kitchen for 2025 was revealed last week in Milan, to inform us how we will behave around food, cooking and recycling.

One of the main revelations will be the disappearance of your fridge, making way for delivery from drones or self-driving cars, within minutes of placing your weekly grocery order. Recipe for disaster or technological revolution?

Well, coinciding with the throwing out of your trustworthy fridge, your shelves will become coolers themselves containing hidden sensors to inform us when food needs to be eaten or how many days of consumption it has left.

According to a report in Gizmag your food will be kept at just the right temperature for optimum time, so say goodbye to limp lettuce and soggy spinach.

Most notably this concept tells us not just about kitchen habits but explores how our culture and lifestyle will look, to find out how we will be recycling, eating, living and working in the kitchen in 2025.

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