The importance of kitchen displays

Written by Will Taylor


"The kitchen is the heart of the home." This age old saying wasn't just born out of people flocking to the kitchen at parties, but thanks to personal displays, too. After all, the reason our kitchens feel so diverse is because of the individual items and objects we pepper across the room that make the space feel, well, ours.

Although people have been displaying items in their kitchens for years, Magnet is continually developing revolutionary new solutions to streamline display and functionality in homeowner's kitchens.

Two such examples are the Illuminated Feature Drawer and the Showcase Feature Drawer – both of these kitchen additions go well beyond simply offering added storage. Their considered design makes it easy for the homeowner to personalise their kitchen by displaying items of personal note.

The benefit of this is that it strikes an ideal balance between the contemporary, clean lines of Magnet's kitchen designs, with the character and personality layered in through the homeowner's individual display items. In other words, it provides them with a stylish, flexible and practical solution to kitchen storage and display.

One of the key features of these two storage solutions is their handle-free design. Magnet has embraced the trend for handle-free drawers to stunning effect, ensuring that the modern and contemporary look of the kitchen design is maintained. As the aim with the showcase drawers is to create visual interest and impact with your own personal items, a handle would detract from the display you create. Magnet's choice to incorporate a handle-free drawer into the design means that the stunning streamlined nature of the showcase drawer design is kept front and centre in the kitchen.

Without the distraction of a handle, both the Illuminated Feature Drawer and the Showcase Feature Drawer are able to shine the spotlight on the displays curated within them. That's the great benefit of these storage solutions – they offer homeowners the chance to tell their own stories in the kitchen, thanks to the beautiful glass cover/front that allows for objects to be displayed.

When you come to choose your items for display, you can take it as an opportunity to paint a visual picture of your lifestyle and how you live in your kitchen. After all, your personal displays are what tell the story of your home. Perhaps it's your most thumbed cookbook, or maybe it's a handmade chopping board you bartered for at a market while on holiday.

There's no right or wrong when it comes to what you choose, but be sure to stick to displaying odd numbers over even sets of objects, as this will ensure the display looks relaxed and not staged.